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The Best leaders are Coaches

LCI’s coach training programs for leaders and management groups are tailored to fit your team and organization. Our programs build coaching skills that integrate into everyday leadership activities and align to your organization’s strategy. Create an entire team of top-notch coaches.

Joanie Michel

“The LCI coaching journey far exceeded my expectations. The program is practical and relatable. The approach to coaching is fluid and real. The tools and techniques we learned are practical and make us better coaches. It’s really interesting to see how far everyone has come since the beginning. Belinda and Brianne provided a safe space for everyone to share and practice. They are completely invested in our success. I loved every minute of the journey and wish all programs I’ve taken or will take have the same feel. I highly recommend LCI’s program.”


Joanie Michel, VP, People & Culture



Our Coach Training for Organizations has proven success – we work with you to tailor our curriculum to meet the specific needs of your company – we will support your leaders to integrate their skills into their existing skill set and the culture of your company. 

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You want leaders who can learn, inspire, and engage the next generation workforce.



Today’s best leaders are coaches, first and foremost. They ignite engagement, leading to efficiency, productivity, and innovation. The best leaders use coaching to inspire employees to reach their potential – and they will want to stay.

At LCI, we know how hard it can be to shift a leadership culture. We have experience building and growing coaches in organizations across many sectors and industries. The LCI approach is anchored in that intersection between what it means to be a side-by-side leader and delivering reliable business results.

Your leaders pave the way to shifting your organization. You want your leadership team to stand out from the rest, engage and retain top performers, make a significant impact, and reach their full potential as leaders.


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to understand the unique needs of your organization.


our programs to meet your unique needs while taking your leaders to the next level of coaching capability.


our team of certified coaches will lead your team through the tailored curriculum using cutting-edge learning methods proven to develop coaching skills.

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