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Leader Coach Intensive

At LCI we use our unique coach approach to build the coaching skills of leaders to the next level so they can engage their teams like never before.  Our coach training curriculum include tailored corporate programs for leaders, coach certification training and online self-study courses.

Coach Training for Organizations

Develop your team, maximize their potential and grow your organization.

Coach Certification Program

Go deep and catapult your leadership with an International Coach Federation certification.

Online Self Study Course

Self-paced online courses perfect for anyone who can’t wait to get started!

Joshua Peter

“Today I used the LCI group coaching approach in my team meeting about a process that my team isn’t adapting to well.  I used the model and it created a VERY engaged conversation where I would just ask the questions and my team opened up with honest discussion and a very collaborative approach.  Towards the end we focused on what was within our control and actions we can hold each other accountable to and it was very productive. I found it easy and very helpful!!!”

Jenelle Hutchinson, Director of Operations


Strong leaders are needed now more than ever. Leaders who inspire, engage and develop – who guide people to be their very best in an evolving world. The best leaders coach because they know that coaching has the power to develop a person, a team, and an organization.

LCI establishes a new benchmark in leadership excellence by elevating the coaching skills of leaders in 3 different ways: – customized corporate programs, coach certification training, and on-line self-study courses



Group of Coaches

Imagine an entire team of highly skilled Leaders!

LCI’s coach training programs for leaders and managers are tailored to fit your leadership team and organization. Our programs build coaching skills that integrate into everyday activities and align to your organization’s strategy. Create an entire team of top-notch coaches.


Leaders talking

Deepen your leadership by building coaching expertise and earning a professional designation.

LCI certification training enables you to become an expert coach and prepares you for ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation.


Leader Coach Student

Why wait? Start small and begin coaching now.

LCI offers both free and paid self-paced online courses that are perfect for anyone who can’t wait to get started building or improving their coaching skills.

People are raving about LCI

Our approach to creating leaders and leadership coaches builds culture, connects teams, and delivers reliable business results.

Alyssa Burkus
Founder, Shift Wisdom

“My experience with the LCI program has been lifechanging. Not just from the coach training I’ve received (which was invaluable) but the support I have received throughout the program from the instructors, mentors and other participants has made all the difference. I am excited to see what’s ahead, and I’m so glad I chose LCI to start my coaching path.”

Maggy Mouradian
Manager, Regulatory Affairs

“LCI has equipped me with the right coaching tools to elevate my leadership skills and respond to the current needs of the workforce. I recommend this program to anyone who is open to grow their network and master new leadership skills in an ask don’t tell fashion.”

Joanna Walker
CEO, Loyalty & Co.

“LCI was a great investment of time and money, not only is the content and learning immediately impactful for all relationships, work and life, it has taught me tools and techniques that have changed my business for the better now and into the future. The support and friendships developed over the past 6 months are amazing and just what I needed. Brianne and Belinda and genuine, authentic, passionate, incredible human beings. I am proud to be certified by them!”

Blaire Baker
Senior Instructional Designer & Consultant

“This program challenged me to think and try different approaches! So refreshing! The community of coaches built through the program was inspiring. Getting coached and being a real side by side coach is a game changer! Thank you for the experience and insight.”

Kimberly J Snider
Business Leader

“Thank you LCI for your leadership! You have certainly inspired me and so many others regarding leadership and coaching. While many “coach” employees, this course offered a fresh program, thinking and approach to coaching conversations with curiosity, questions, and taught us how to better create space to walk “side by side” with each individual to support them creating meaningful change and connecting deeply with their goals. I too connected more deeply with my purpose, talents and my own goals for success and leadership. With much gratitude and inspiration, thank you!”

Jennifer Quist
Global Capability Owner
Leadership Development

“The LCI coaching certification course will change the way you lead your teams and how you show up in your life. You will learn amazing skills on how to empower people through the LCI coach process. They created an open, judgment-free, safe space for people to share, to learn and to grow as a leader and as a human. 5 STARS!”

Rachel Green
Business Development Representative

“LCI has provided me with the tools needed to enhance my leadership & coaching skills. The support I’ve received from my coaches and peers is like no other. I can’t recommend working with Brianne and Belinda enough! Thank you”

Tim Dixon
Chief Experience Officer & Facilitator

“What an amazing community-of-practice . The LCI learning journey was excellent training to prepare to coach with a rigorous methodology behind my new practice. Thanks so very much, Belinda and Brianne!”

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