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Discover how to coach every day without adding more time to your busy schedule

The way you lead your team has been completely flipped on its head! You have some people in the office, some remote and they are demanding more from you, all while the company’s expectations and targets have not changed. 
Not to mention that the workforce is changing and you worry about losing your team to the great resignation.
You know you need to engage your team in new ways, but the truth is you have no extra time and aren’t quite sure what needs to change.
The truth is, when we actually know how to coach (real coaching is not telling people what to do) we build more trust, retain our teams – and most importantly, save precious time!
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In this course you will learn how to

  • Define what coaching is and isn’t so you can adapt your approach to the person and situation in front of you.
  • Ask powerful questions so that you empower people to bring out their ideas, creativity & sense of purpose.
  • Ramp up engagement, productivity & retention!
  • Apply core coaching principles so that you can put your coach hat on when you need it.
  • Apply your new skills to everyday leadership interactions so that it fits your real life and gets real results.
It’s time to level up your leadership. Let us show you the way with the Coaching Skills to Lead Today’s Workforce course!


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7 Part Video Mini Series

Master the Art of Impactful Coaching to Maximize Results

You will learn how to:

  • Ignite creative thinking
  • Identify barriers that are holding your team back
  • Encourage more accountability and commitment 

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Master the art of impactful coaching to maximize results 

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