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How to Keep Your People Through a Coaching Culture

You need to coach more. Coaching will engage your team. We need a coaching culture.” I always heard this in my corporate days as a leader, and I remember thinking, yes, I got it. I knew that coaching would make a difference for my team and that a coaching culture would shift the organization for the positive, but I had no idea how to influence this in such a big organization. How could I actually begin to create a coaching culture?

Not Sure Where to Begin With 2023 Development Planning?

A lot of leaders I talk with tell me about development planning time with a heavy sigh. It’s an additional piece of work in a world already too full where the to do list never seems to be done. And I get it. Without the time to reflect and focus that any planning process takes; development planning can feel like yet another hoop to jump through or checkbox to tick. So, if development planning for 2023 has you feeling a little overwhelmed, I’d like to reframe it so you can find the joy and meaning in it for you and your team.



We love this question! What a great way to help someone shift their perspective in positive and encouraging way.

february 26th: What experience can you draw on from the past?

This question is effective when we find ourselves stuck and are not sure how to approach a situation because it helps us to draw on successes that we have had in the past.

february 19th: What DO YOU NOTICE?

This is one of those questions that can be used in so many situations! We love it because it is so open and broad and allows the person to tap into feelings or reactions to situations they are experiencing.

february 12th: What would that do for you?

This is a fantastic question because it helps people connect in with the “why” it would be worth working towards their goal.

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