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JANUARY 2023 – Not Sure Where to Begin With 2023 Development Planning?

A lot of leaders I talk with tell me about development planning time with a heavy sigh. It’s an additional piece of work in a world already too full where the to do list never seems to be done. And I get it. Without the time to reflect and focus that any planning process takes; development planning can feel like yet another hoop to jump through or checkbox to tick. So, if development planning for 2023 has you feeling a little overwhelmed, I’d like to reframe it so you can find the joy and meaning in it for you and your team.


January 23rd: What does your heart say?

This is an excellent check-in question to help when someone is unsure what direction to take or what decision to make. Asking what their heart says helps connect them with what really matters. You could also ask, what does your gut tell you? It is powerful to help someone uncover who they are and what they truly want.

January 16th: What value will that bring for you?

This is a great question to help someone dig into the underlying benefits of an action or goal. It might reveal tangible benefits or deeper, more intrinsic ones. This is an excellent probing question to help someone go deeper. 

December 19th: Tell me more…

Tell me more is not a question but a valuable prompt that gets the person to share more details. If you sense that someone is touching on something important, asking them to share more details allows them to dive deeper and get value from processing it as they speak.

December 12th: Where do you see yourself?

This is a great visioning question to help someone imagine themselves in the future, whether it be in 6 months, a year, or longer. Once they can envision what they want, you can help them with actions to get there.

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