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How to Keep Your People Through a Coaching Culture

You need to coach more. Coaching will engage your team. We need a coaching culture.” I always heard this in my corporate days as a leader, and I remember thinking, yes, I got it. I knew that coaching would make a difference for my team and that a coaching culture would shift the organization for the positive, but I had no idea how to influence this in such a big organization. How could I actually begin to create a coaching culture?

Not Sure Where to Begin With 2023 Development Planning?

A lot of leaders I talk with tell me about development planning time with a heavy sigh. It’s an additional piece of work in a world already too full where the to do list never seems to be done. And I get it. Without the time to reflect and focus that any planning process takes; development planning can feel like yet another hoop to jump through or checkbox to tick. So, if development planning for 2023 has you feeling a little overwhelmed, I’d like to reframe it so you can find the joy and meaning in it for you and your team.


May 22nd: If there were no limts, what would you try?

This question taps into the creative side of our brain and opens us up to endless possibilities. It’s okay if the ideas our coachee comes up with aren’t fully implementable. The purpose of this question is to help people shift from being stuck in old ways of thinking and repeating old ideas, to a more creative space where they can explore new and creative ways of doing things.

May 15th: What strengths do you have that can help you?

Sometimes people feel stuck that they can’t overcome a particular barrier or obstacle to get where they want to go. This question can be a bit of a reality check for people. It helps  them connect in with their potential and to realize they can do more than they think. It does this by assisting them in  identifying what strengths they have and how they can help them reach their goals.

May 8th: What assumptions have you made?

As leaders and team members, we all bring unique experiences and skills to our roles. And of course, there are many positives to this. However, sometimes our past experiences can cause us to bring judgments, biases, and assumptions to the table. When this happens, it can hold our creativity back and create a pattern of doing things in the same way we did in the past. Asking the question “what assumptions have you made” can help people shift away from habits or old ways of thinking and open us up to new ways!

May 1st: What impact do you want to have?

This powerful question helps take people away from feeling like they have to know the answer or solution and into a place that connects them to meaning. Why what they are doing matters. And we all know that when we connect to our WHY, we can do anything!!

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