The Leader Coach Intensive does one thing exceptionally well –

builds the skill of coaching. Built on a foundation of values, while

strongly anchored in a practical business application.


The Best leaders are coaches

The best leaders are coaches because they know that coaching has the power to change people, teams, and organisations. They are the catalyst for others to bring their best. Leader coaches inspire people to work with purpose and passion. They empower people to be the best version of themselves so they can create work they are proud to stand behind.

The LCI approach helps leaders increase engagement, breakdown barriers, and support new thinking and innovation. These lead to stronger business performance and more meaningful impact on the world.

Through LCI programs, leaders will learn the skills to lead and coach in today’s world. We recognize that the leaders we work with come with unique experiences, expertise, credentials, and tools, and we help people integrate those into their coaching powerfully.

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Keep up with the evolving workforce through building a coaching culture.


The ultimate coaching program for high-performing leaders that will help you unlock your true potential.


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Master the Art of Impactful Coaching to Maximize Results

You will learn how to:

  • Ignite creative thinking
  • Identify barriers that are holding your team back
  • Encourage more accountability and commitment 


Our approach to creating leaders and leadership coaches builds culture, connects teams, and delivers reliable business results.

Belinda Clemmensen

Co-Founder – Leader Coach Intensive

Belinda Clemmensen, M.Ed., PCC has over 25 years of experience in leadership development across every sector, in North American and beyond. She is the co-founder of the Leader Coach Intensive, providing coach training and certification to build tomorrow’s leaders today, and the founder of the Women’s Leadership Intensive, inspiring, empowering, supporting and equipping women to lead the change the world needs. Belinda’s is also the author of Women, Leadership and Saving the World, Why Everything Gets Better When Women Lead.

Brianne Ligori

CEO & Co-Founder – Leader Coach Intensive

Brianne Ligori is a former corporate leader, ICF Master Certified Coach, entrepreneur, and author. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Leader Coach Intensive (LCI), the Founder of TGIToday™, and a Leadership Coach at the Women’s Leadership Intensive. Through her work at LCI she has helped develop countless leaders into the coach they have always wanted to be. Her work at TGIToday™ is focused on using her revolutionary method, the TGIToday™ formula, to help people across the world find more joy and fulfilment in their lives. Brianne spent over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry in various roles such as sales, training, marketing, and leadership development. Brianne is also a member of the Executive Leadership Team at the Women Leaders in Pharma.

Joshua Peter

I would highly recommend Leader Coach Intensive to anyone wanting to learn, grow, and empower themselves. This course has been life changing and is an amazing opportunity to bring new meaning, understanding, and joy to your life.

For myself, it has been immensely helpful in moving towards decisions in my professional career and adapting positively to the future. Belinda and Brianne professionally and thoughtfully guide you through an engaging process of learning a new way of coaching and leading.

The support of the other participants was incredible, we learned so much from each-others leadership styles and experience and now have lifelong connections. I would highly encourage you to take the time for yourself and sign up for this amazing course!


Kristie Jordan, Business Leader

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