The Leader Coach Intensive does one thing exceptionally well –

builds the skill of coaching. Built on a foundation of values, while

strongly anchored in a practical business application.


The Best leaders are coaches

The best leaders are coaches because they know that coaching has the power to change people, teams, and organisations. They are the catalyst for others to bring their best. Leader coaches inspire people to work with purpose and passion. They empower people to be the best version of themselves so they can create work they are proud to stand behind.

The LCI approach helps leaders increase engagement, breakdown barriers, and support new thinking and innovation. These lead to stronger business performance and more meaningful impact on the world.

Through LCI programs, leaders will learn the skills to lead and coach in today’s world. We recognize that the leaders we work with come with unique experiences, expertise, credentials, and tools, and we help people integrate those into their coaching powerfully.

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Our approach to creating leaders and leadership coaches builds culture, connects teams, and delivers reliable business results.

Belinda Clemmensen


Co-Founder – Leader Coach Intensive

“I believe people are not only capable of changing the world for the better, but we want to. This passionate belief in people is what drives me as a leadership development professional and an ICF certified coach. It’s also what led me to co-found the life-changing Leader Coach Intensive (LCI) program.

Coaching is about relationship – being real, making space for others to be real, co-creating meaningful solutions, growing and reaching full potential. As a leader it is so important to know who you are, to lead as YOU and coach as YOU. To be open to experiencing life, with all it’s challenges, is a deeply authentic way to find meaningful solutions and outcomes

I have 25 years of experience and expertise in leadership development, along with my Professional ICF coach certification, B.Sc., and M.Ed. This combination means I understand how to help leaders navigate the practical side of business, while aligning to their sense of purpose. In addition to co-founding LCI, I am the founder of the Women’s Leadership Intensive, where I have observed how coaching can help inspire, empower, support, and equip women to lead the change the world needs.”

Brianne Ligori

Co-Founder – Leader Coach Intensive

“My journey as a coach was born out of a core belief that everybody holds the inner power to create a life full of purpose and joy. That belief led me to my ICF professional coach certification, my CTDP (Certified Training and Development Professional) designation and to co-found the amazing Leader Coach Intensive (LCI) program.

I believe that coaching is the key that unlocks the internal truths about who we are, what we want and how we can get there. It enables us to peel back the layers to find our truth. It inspires and supports us to exercise the power of choice to stand in that truth – it is here that we find joy and meaning!

I have worked in the corporate world for many years, where I have been able to lead from the power of choice philosophy in varying roles from sales, marketing and learning & development. One thing I consistently observe is that success is highly dependent on how we view the world. I choose to have a world view of infinite possibilities, which is what inspired me to write the book Claiming Your TGIToday™.”

Linda Walker

Linda Wilson Facilitator Profile Image

Leader Coach Intensive Coach & Facilitator

“Coaching and leadership are in my blood. I am an ICF professional certified coach, focused entirely on coaching leaders. I am also a leadership writer and editor. I am excited and honoured to be part of the amazing LCI faculty.

Prior to following my passions in my own business, I worked in the corporate world for many years, predominantly as a training professional, people manager, and leadership development expert. I love helping top performers reach their goals and in feeling fulfilled in their personal life and professional roles. I have a deep passion for coaching – training, coaching and mentoring leaders on their coaching skills is a perfect fit for my expertise and life’s purpose.

I believe that slight shifts in perspective can create significant positive change. I help leaders to get clear on what matters most to them, to explore possibilities for achieving it, and to create meaningful action plans that they commit to. Connecting everything back to a leader’s own values and sense of purpose is the secret to growth and fulfillment.”

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