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Strong leaders are needed now more than ever. An evolving workplace requires a new kind of leader. One who inspires, engages, and develops the next generation workforce – one who guides people to be their very best in an evolving world. The need for change is not in some far-off distant future. We need tomorrow’s leader today, and we can do this with coaching.

Leaders who meet the needs of the workforce coach; because they know that coaching has the power to develop a person, a team, and an organization. Effective coaches understand what questions to ask; they have learned the skills. LCI establishes a new benchmark in leadership excellence by creating coaches who are Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.

The Leader Coach Intensive is an ICF certified coach training program like no other. It is built on a set of values that has humanness at the core, while firmly anchoring in a practical business application.


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Our approach to creating leaders and leadership coaches builds culture, connects teams, and delivers reliable business results.


“I came into the program with a background in coaching and I must say that this course has reignited a passion in me to sharpen my skills and practice how to be more effective as a coach! LCI provided a safe learning environment where we can tap into the expertise of others and explore new strategies to enhance coaching competencies.”

Pam Ellerson
LCI Graduate


“This program went above my expectations and has prepared me fully to become a
confident certified coach. The coaching model and coaching principles together lay a solid foundation for coaching. But beyond that, I was given many other tools that will
allow me to tackle any type of coachee with any type of challenge. The design of this
program is creative, fun, and interesting.”

Lisa Deguire
LCI Graduate


“It is such an amazing feeling to be sitting in a coaching session and watch your coachee light up with excitement, using words like…“This is amazing, I’ve never had a coaching session with so much clarity for next steps.” I can share that all I did was follow the model provided in this program and when I was stuck, I had my book to reference for additional questions or tools to use.”

Erin Gaughan
LCI Graduate


“My experience with the LCI program has been lifechanging. Not just from the coach training I’ve received (which was invaluable) but the support I have received throughout the program from the instructors, mentors and other participants has made all the difference. I am excited to see what’s ahead, and I’m so glad I chose LCI to start my coaching path.”

Alyssa Burkus
LCI Graduate


“Participating in the LCI program has allowed me to gain more than just the desired skill sets to positively impact my career. This program has also enabled me to build the desired level of confidence and self-awareness to listen, be present and to communicate more effectively. I now feel better prepared to service others (both personally and professionally) to achieve
realistic and measurable results.”

Melina Melo
LCI Graduate

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